Unemployment in greece

Follow If you want evidence of how dire the situation is in Greece, just look at its long-term unemployment figures. Eurostat figures show Attiki, which includes Athens and Piraeus, has the highest long-term unemployment share of any European region - at

Unemployment in greece

Rania Antonopoulos February 12, The following is an extended version of a piece that originally appeared in Greek in Kathimerini.

The responses to unemployment by the last three governments in Greece have been characterized by sloppy proposals and an insignificant amount of funds in relation to the size of the problem. Regardless of whether there were political considerations behind it or notthe recent announcement of the Prime Minister highlights, unfortunately, a relentless continuation of a lack of understanding of reality.

The announced measures totaling 1. Specifically, the first pillar sets a target to recruitunemployed for the private sector; an initiative that essentially subsidizes wages and social security contributions for businesses that hire unemployed who are up to 29 years old and some who are unemployed between the ages of 30 and The second pillar concernsyoung persons.

This program will provide work experience and training for all unemployed up to 24 years old who have no prior work experience. These unemployed will also go to private companies for some time, or participate in vocational training centers VTC to improve their skills in order to find their first job, or both.

The third pillar concentrates on hiring 90, unemployed from households that have no employed person, who will work in community service projects in the public sector and local government.

Assuming that strict rules are in place, with dedicated control mechanisms that will guarantee non-replacement of existing positions in the private and public sector really, is there a sufficient number of public sector inspectors for this task?

But appearances can be deceiving. If we divide the 1. So these jobs offer underemployment, starvation wages, or both.

These interventions in reality provide employment for months. Moreover, there was nothing new proposed. Samaras suggested identical measures.

This is important, because at this difficult hour it would be wise not to throw EU funds out the window. But the essential problem is that the proposed action plan is based on the wrong diagnosis. The proposal carries a message that youth unemployment will be fought through the acquisition and improvement of knowledge, on the one hand through VTCand practical experience in temporary jobs in private sector companies.

Success should be evaluated by the ability of participants to find a permanent job after termination of participation in these programs. Do we then expect the young graduates to find a job?

How many new jobs were announced in ? What has changed since is demand for labor due to the tremendous reduction of GDP, not the quality of the labor supply of young people.

Unemployment has skyrocketed from 7. These are more or less commonly accepted facts.The trend of unemployment in Greece over the last three decades has been similar to other European counties.

While unemployment in Greece was not a problem before the first oil crisis, its rate accelerated after this point. This article explores the. Greece’s economic freedom score is , making its economy the th freest in the Index. Its overall score has increased by points, with dramatic increases in the scores for government spending and fiscal health easily offsetting declines in investment freedom and government integrity.

May 23,  · IMF Predicts Unemployment In Greece Will Fall To 12 alphabetnyc.com Frances Coppola Senior Contributor Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Unemployment in the Member States.

Among the Member States, the lowest unemployment rates in September were recorded in the Czech Republic ( %), Germany and Poland (both %). The highest unemployment rates were observed in Greece ( % in July ) and Spain ( %). May 23,  · At the same time, Greece will continue to struggle with high unemployment rates for decades to come.

Its current unemployment rate is around 25 percent, the highest in the OECD, and after seven years of recession, its structural component is estimated at around 20 percent.

Greece Unemployment Rate | Data | Chart | Calendar | Forecast The Greek seasonally adjusted unemployment rate declined to percent in June of from a downwardly revised percent in the prior month. It was the lowest jobless rate since September of

Unemployment in greece
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