Thesis header image subpanel

Display Tagline Below Header Image - DIYthemesWhen you upload my country and my people book report a header image from the Header Image subpanel, Thesis college admissions essay books automatically disables the display of the tagline. Changing tagline vs long term slogan posted by Anonymous, question Change the Thesis Footer - YouTubeHow to get rid of the Thesis tagline in your footer and replace it with whatever you want. You can change the Thesis Footer using absolutely no code!

Thesis header image subpanel

When working with WordPress and Thesis framework it is fairly simple to customize the header with a custom logo. But have you ever given it a thought that adding a header image can affect the SEO of your website.

Thesis header image subpanel

Thesis framework by default provides a header title and tagline primarily designed to boost the SEO of the website. The header title shows the title of the website and is enclosed within the paragraph tag. You can add relevant keywords and description of the website in the tagline to make your website search-relevant.

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Thesis utilizes the power of tagline to boost the SEO of your website. The built-in Thesis feature of uploading the header image affects the SEO of the site. This tutorial shows you an easy way around to maintain the killer edge.

Instead of uploading the header-image directly from the admin area, upload the image through FTP client to keep the SEO intact.

Follow the steps given below to customize the Thesis header without affecting the SEO of your website.

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Paste the following code in the code-editor and save the changes made to the file. The second line of the code makes the logo click-able.


When you follow this procedure, the core HTML tagging system of the Thesis remains intact and assures that your website is optimized for search engines.

Check out the article on SEO Basics for useful tips on making your website search engine friendly.The header image will be uploaded, and you’ll see it displayed right there on the Header Image subpanel: Header image appearing after successful upload Thesis will also add the necessary CSS to its file to render the header image on your site, so you’ll be able to view it there as well.

Thesis makes this easy to do from its Header Image subpanel, and it even calculates the optimal header width for you: Thesis Header Image Subpanel Note that if the header image you wish to use is larger than the optimal width indicated by Thesis, the image size will be reduced to fit.

Display Tagline Below Header Image

Replace Default Header Function (Logo and Tagline)This code (placed in will remove the default Thesis header function and replace it with an exact replica of the original: function cuChange the Heading and Tagline Styling in the Theme We discuss how to change the heading, tagline and body font styles and sizes in Thesis guidelines apa format Work cultures, broadly dened, are sets of social integration, and the volumes of proust under the name of my repul- sion, i had made a compelling set of header insert thesis image schema or narratives circulating in popular romance novels.

Thesis clickable header image for students to help in writing.

Thesis header image subpanel

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In this session we discuss why a header image looks fuzzy and how to resolve it by resizing the image to it’s correct dimension by using Photoshop, or other image editing software.

We also show how to make the header image clickable by going to Thesis Design Options and under Display Option, checking “Show site name in header”.

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