Tata singhur

Farmer Dibakar Ghosh strides across a mosaic of lush green rice paddies and marks the plants already sprayed with fertilizer with a small, pink flag. The seedlings are flourishing despite the large mounds of mangled metal and concrete that dot the surrounding landscape, remnants of a car factory planned by Tata Motors in the Ganga delta in It has been 10 years since their fight began against the "forcible acquisition" of their fertile farm land.

Tata singhur

Moderated to Exclude Disruptive Commentators. I have been supportive to Mahinda over the time, and have been predicting his victory. Although the two matters of supporting and predicting are independant many took my posts for political Tata singhur.

Nevertheless I promised that I'd write of any trends towards SF, if any were available. Two days ago, I had facts to write about. General did almost nothing but Mahinda's stray dogs have been scoring for general. Let me note down what I observed, exactly until two days ago. Some patriorts in MR camp were shaky and kinda moving towards Tata singhur for sympathy.

There was a going rumor that "Executive President can abolish the rank Executive President". This is a blatent lie, but UNP lie machines have done their part.

And that covered the biggest flop in General's manifesto. Right or wrong general had scored. Many thought that "General will not betray nation" although he said so.

Tata singhur

Maybe many people wanted to give him a second chance. We all know he's like a compass turning towards power. I believe MR did the biggest mistake. For the short time goals he created the biggest risk for him - a Deva Datta among his ranks.

Many ppl said that they don't want S B in ruling party, hence General gaining few votes. These kind of arrogant and stupid behavior taking every credit away from Mahinda. I felt that at least few thousands from Mahinda's camp would have crossed. And just when it was most critical, SF shot in his own butt and threw shit all over the house.

First he made his remarkable comment on GR granting shoot-at-will commands against so called surrendering big Pussycats. Then he tried so synthetically and impractically to cover his nakedness leaving some endless questions in the mouths of many foreign parties.

Today, everything as two days ago, makes no sense. I need to rethink on my post. Few facts that arrived in. No matter what bad treatment he received, he is beyond all freedom to issue such news, had it even been true.

There is a code of conduct, or ethical bond not to put the men of his previous command in trouble. This is an utter mess. Had we left the trio to get away, today the pussycats will be running under their command, and many s of soldiers civilians and pussycat hostages die on every passing day.

What assurance do you have that they are not using the white flags to launch a major attack? Why so late for surrender? So wasn't it so great if Gota ordered this, instead of allowing white masters to help pussycats once again?

General just told the whole nation that it was Gota, not him, who held a firm hand against Pussycats, hence winning the war for us. And he lost almost all of his worth in saying so. And right now, I see a major shake in the patriotic support base of SF. For the first time, most initial supporters are considering their support.

Most people who gave him a second chance for "more tahn 13th" are in the mood of deserting him. It was all lost in one shot. Unless Mahinda's stray dogs score another own goal for General, this will remain the biggest damage by far to his campaign - an almost political suicide.

Sunday Leader leads the damage as usual. It is very non-defence like to discuss the porgress of Presidential capmapign here. But it is all the more defence related when a supposed to be responsible former commander betray his team with true or fake stories like this.

As long as Army is taken for political mileage, the matter is defence related, and of the highest interest of national security. And it is no longer common political mud slinging.Oct 02,  · Design is a powerful force that shapes culture and it is a professional activity that is beneficial for both community and business alike.

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CPI (ML) Red Star Central Office: C – , Sainik Nagar, New Delhi – Phone: , Email: [email protected]; Website: alphabetnyc.com Com. KN Ramachandran, General Secretary of CPI(ML) Red Star Kidnapped and Kept In Detention for 26 hours by Forces Claiming to be from Central Intelligence Services to Subvert Bhangar Movement.

Tata Nano Singur Controversy refers to the controversy generated by land acquisition of the proposed Nano factory of Tata Motors at Singur in Hooghly district, West Bengal, India.

Singur gained international media attention since Tata Motors started constructing a factory to manufacture their $2, car, the Tata Nano at Singur.

Dec 17,  · This single fact belies the claim of those historians who claim Vijay and his entourage as belonging to East India (Rod region and modern Singhur). Compared to this, We have a Lat (=Lal) and Sinore (=Sinhpur) in Gujrat also.

Kumasi, Ghana. Duisburg - Germany. The comic strips posted in this blog are a figment of my imagination and bear no resemblance to the living or dead, or to my colleagues or present company or for that matter any company that I have ever worked with or will work for in the distant future for that matter.

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