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Story[ edit ] The inter-dimensional wedding, where the Chaos Heart is created. Believing Bowser to be the culprit once again, the brothers immediately head off to his castleonly to find him preparing to attack. A villain named Count Bleck then appears with his assistant, Nastasia and Princess Peach, who is his prisoner.

Super paper mario help

The game is divided into 32 levels within eight chapters or worldseach of which takes place in a unique location, or "dimension".

Premise and setting[ edit ] The main objective is to collect eight Pure Hearts, one in each chapter, which is used to gain access to the next.

Super paper mario help

Each area is joined to a central hub, a town called Flipside. The majority of gameplay is in 2D. Early in the game, Mario is given the ability to "flip" into 3D. By doing so, the perspective shifts and the 2D level rotates to reveal a hidden z-axisplacing Mario in a 3D environment.

Flipping allows the player to maneuver around obstacles impassable in the 2D perspective, or find items, enemies or varying landscapes only visible along the z-axis. The game uses a scoring system where points are accumulated through defeating enemies and using items.

The player gains control of Princess PeachBowserand Luigi as the game progresses and can switch between them at almost any point in the game. Princess Peach can float over long Super paper mario help and block attacks with her parasol, Bowser can breathe fire, Luigi can perform a super jump, and Mario is the only one who can flip between dimensions.

Controls[ edit ] The game is controlled by holding the Wii Remote sideways, akin to the Nintendo Entertainment System control scheme, though little motion sensing is implemented. The 1 button on the Wii Remote allows the player to use the ability of digital fairy-like creatures called Pixls, and the 2 button allows the player to use the ability of a Pixl a digital fairy-like character and jump, respectively.

Pixls grant the player abilities such as throwing or destroying obstacles, becoming tiny, or defending against enemies. Wii Remote motion controls are used primarily for activating items by tilting or shaking the remote. Shaking the remote after attacking an enemy causes the player to pull a "Stylish move", earn extra points, and deal more damage.

He arranges a wedding between Peach and Bowser and uses the hypnotic powers of his ally Nastasia to force them into marriage.

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As foretold in the Dark Prognosticus, their marriage summons the Chaos Heart, which Count Bleck uses to open a black hole known as "The Void" which will eventually grow large enough to destroy the universe. Mario meets Tippi, a butterfly-like Pixlwho transports him to the interdimensional town of Flipside.

There, Mario meets Merlon, who tells him that he matches the description of the Hero described in the "Light Prognosticus," another prophetical tome. According to the Light Prognosticus, the Hero will travel to various dimensions to collect eight Pure Hearts, which can banish the Chaos Heart and reverse the destruction.

The tome also mentions that the Hero will ally with three other Heroes. To stop Mario, Count Bleck periodically sends out his minions: A series of flashbacks tell the story of a romantic relationship between two individuals, Blumiere and Timpani, who hail from rival clans.

It is gradually revealed that Tippi is Timpani and Count Bleck is Blumiere, who, not knowing that Merlon transformed Timpani into a Pixl, was driven insane by her loss. Blumiere sought to bring existence to ruin and turned to the Dark Prognosticus. Mario, Luigi and Timpani confront Dimentio, who intends on betraying Blumiere.

Dimentio also reveals that he anonymously helped the group during their journey, which includes helping Peach and Bowser escape. When Mario refuses to ally with Dimentio, Luigi fights and defeats Dimentio, who seemingly kills himself, bringing Luigi with him. Mario and Timpani continue their journey through Castle Bleck.

They confront Blumiere but are unable to attack due to the Chaos Heart granting him invincibility. Dimentio appears and takes control of the Chaos Heart, revealing that he has studied the Dark Prognosticus extensively and wishes to use the Chaos Heart and the Void to create a new universe in his own image.

Dimentio fuses the Chaos Heart and himself into one entity called Super Dimentio, who shatters the Pure Hearts and begins making his new universe. Mario defeats Super Dimentio and Dimentio dies, but leaves behind a fragment of his power to control the Chaos Heart and complete the destruction of all worlds.

As such, Blumiere leads everyone to the chapel where Bowser and Peach were originally married. Afterward, Mario and his party reawaken in Flipside. Timpani and Blumiere have vanished; Merlon suggests they died when the Chaos Heart was destroyed, but Nastasia states her firm belief that the two are still alive.

A post-credits photo implies that Timpani and Blumiere have regained their original forms and are alive elsewhere. Development[ edit ] Super Paper Mario was created out of a desire to combine the familiar look of the Paper Mario series with a new style of gameplay.

In Chapterthe game will freeze if Mario speaks to the character Mimi without first picking up a key. Nintendo of Europe has offered to replace any affected game discs with patched ones at no charge.See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Super Paper Mario. Help for Super Paper Mario on Wii.

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Submit your 91%(9). This page is a walkthrough on the game Super Paper Mario Walkthrough Contents[show] Prologue Mario's House Welcome to the world of SPM! You begin this new, 2-D RPG experience at Mario's House.

Luigi remarks that he hopes something will happen to drive out and the peacefulness and, he and Mario.

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This shows how to beat Super Paper Mario! May 06,  · Prologue []. You will start off in Mario's house when Luigi tells you how peaceful (and boring) it is or not! When you go out, Toad will come and scream that Princess Peach got kidnapped! See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Super Paper Mario.

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