Service portfolio management case study

Risk Management in a Manufacturing Company Industry: Project Management Summary This case study shows an example of how to assess risks affecting the realisation of different strategic and tactical goals of a manufacturing company. Addressing Schedule Risk Different factory units need regular maintenance. In this example, the original duration before risk assessment is 26 days.

Service portfolio management case study

About Zillow Every day, tens of millions of prospective home buyers, sellers, and renters, in addition to agents and property managers, use the Zillow website to browse home and apartment listings, shop for mortgages, and find information about million homes across the U.

The popular site is owned by Zillow Group, which houses a portfolio of the largest real estate and home-related brands online. The Challenge Zillow processes more than 3 million new images daily, including listings photos, profile pictures for lenders and agents, and home-project images on the Zillow Digs site.

The system lived in hosted data centers, with images downloaded out of one queue, stored on a network-attached storage NAS device in the pyramidal TIFF format, and served to a content delivery network CDN out of a local Squid service.

Zillow was also struggling with image-processing performance issues, because some images were manually uploaded while others came from bulk feeds to be downloaded.

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The rate of new images coming from the bulk feeds was often unpredictable, and some image sources allowed for much faster downloading with more concurrency than other sources.

As a result, a slow or problematic image at the front of the queue would hold up the download of other images. Disaster recovery was another major concern. Currently, Zillow stores close to TB of data in Amazon S3, including million images and more than 1 billion objects.

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The scalability of Amazon S3 seemed like the right technology for us. Developers can upload code to Elastic Beanstalk, which then automatically handles the deployment, from capacity provisioning, load balancing, and auto-scaling to application health monitoring.

The company is using an Elastic Beanstalk worker environment to run a Python Imaging Library with custom code. Zillow is also using Amazon CloudWatch for monitoring some of its cloud resources.

This case study discusses reasons for McDonald's success in India, it's business strategy and efforts to get more out of its stores in India. The case briefly discusses how McDonald’s adapted to local culture in India, its localization and entry strategy, its strong supply chain and pricing strategy. Home» Case Studies» Program & Portfolio Management. Case Studies: Program & Portfolio Management Automotive Manufacturer Slashes HR Service Costs by 66% in Just Seven Months. PM Solutions implemented a fully-functional PMO including Project Portfolio Management tools after an unsuccessful first attempt at implementing a PMO . Global Management One offers one-stop, seamless IT management services (ITM) for your entire IT ecosystem. Benefiting from our global presence, we can provide remote infrastructure management (RIM) service and service desk functionality, worldwide.

A throttled downloader controls the rate and concurrency at which Zillow downloads images for each feed source, allowing the company to take advantage of image providers that support fast downloading while not overwhelming providers that do not.

If the image download succeeds, Zillow writes the original image into Amazon S3, to be used in image processing. For image processing, Zillow takes the original images stored in S3 and processes them through various image quality methods while generating a standard set of sizes for each image.

The company serves up an average of 15, images per second.

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The Benefits Using AWS, Zillow can deliver a better experience for prospective home buyers and renters, real estate agents, and other site visitors. Zillow can scale image downloading and processing to handle varying levels of incoming images throughout the day.

Service portfolio management case study

And because image downloads from each feed source are now independent, Zillow can take advantage of sources that support high bandwidth and concurrency while also throttling back for sources that do not. Additionally, Amazon S3 gives the company near-unlimited object storage, removing the need to order and install more servers or drives to increase capacity.

Disaster recovery has also improved. In the future, for new projects and services, we will be considering AWS. Our experience has been great.Case Studies: Program & Portfolio Management Transformative Leadership Sets Financial Services Enterprise PMO on Fast Track to Strategic Value For this privately held financial services company, a compelling journey of business transformation started with a good read.

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Demand management is the process an organization puts in place to internally collect new ideas, projects, and needs during the creation of a portfolio. Demand management is successful when the final .

MIG & Co. specializes in the implementation of financial and business management systems, helping our customers streamline their processes. Microsoft Dynamics. The objective of ITIL Service Portfolio Management is to manage the service portfolio.

This ITIL process ensures that the service provider has the right mix of services to meet required business outcomes at an appropriate level .

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