Rjdt task 2a

Ellis Austin Every hour from 5 p. This is the fourth year the ceremony has been held at the plaque in the Oakland Hills Memorial Gardens. The goal is to remember the 2, U.

Environmental Protection Agency U. Department of Energy U. This Document has not been subjected to the Agency's peer review process and does not necessarily reflect the Agency views.

No official endorse- ment should be inferred. The following personnel were involved in coordinating this symposium: Program Manager - Ms. Donna Studniarz Exhibit Coordinator - Mr. Charles Tanner Registration Coordinator - Ms.

This nation and its European neighbors are faced with the tremendous task of remediating thousands of hazardous waste sites -- the legacy of our much less environmentally aware predecessors.

Field screening methods that generate real-time information on the nature and extent of contamina- tion improve the cost-effectiveness of remediation. Many of these same methods can, and in some cases are already being used to improve our capability to measure exposure, at the point of exposure, thereby improving our ability to assess risks to human health and the environment.

Rjdt task 2a

EPA is not the only viable user of field screening methods; that fact is reflected in the list of this Symposium's co-sponsors. Other agencies are discovering applications for these same technologies to address issues such as worker safety, drug interdiction, and chemical warfare defense.

The research activities supported by these same agencies are advancing innovative technologies that may have application in environmental monitoring and field screening.

To present a global view of technological developments, this Symposium featured over platform and poster presentations from the United States and around the world. It is my hope that the products of this Symposium will find many uses and will provide the impetus for new initiatives in field screening methods.

Department of Energy; R. Fribush and Joan F. Buttner, Transducer Research, Inc. Ion Mobility Spectrometry Chairperson: Hoffland and Donald B. QA and Study Design Chairperson: Weston; William Coakley, U. Mouradian, University of Michigan; R.

Rjdt task 2a

Buchanan and Michael R. Urban and Neil S. Overton, Louisiana State University; J. Leibman and David Dogruel, Eric P. Crockett and Mark S.

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Field Soil Gas Analysis Vs. Stuart, Suya Wang and Gary A. Xiao, University of Michigan; W. Herget, Nicolet Analytical; R. Spear, University of California; T.

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Stephenson, Thomson Consumer Electronics Inc. Kuharic, Lockheed Engineering and Sciences Co. Ashe, Ashe Analytics; P.2 2A THE NOV NEWS/Thursday. Scpiombor Thuiday, September 21, /rHE NOV NEWS 3A, G e t c r e a t i v e, N o v i N o v i n a m e d a l e a d e r t e l l s s t r e e t n a m e r s P a r k v i e w d e d i c a t i o n Novi Scilool Board President Raymond Byers stands under the dome in the new Parl(view Elementary School.

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Under current plans, use of oral poliovirus vaccine (OPV) will cease in a globally-coordinated, staged manner, starting with the withdrawal of all trivalent OPV (tOPV) containing serotypes 1, 2, and 3 live, attenuated polioviruses between April 17 and May 1, [1–3].

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Adv. Math. Econ. 10, () Advances in MATHEMATICAL ECONOMICS ©Springer Golden optimal policy in calculus of variation and dynamic programming.

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