Reflective statement oedipus

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Reflective statement oedipus

Discussion questions on Sophocles's Oedipus Rex Literature, level: Senior Posted Mon Jan 6 What are your first impressions of Oedipus as a person and ruler? Oedipus's kingdom, Thebes, is beset by the plague and agricultural decline--"crises". What does this presage for the characters during the remainder of the play, do you think?

What did Oedipus hope to gain by sending his wife's brother, Creon, to pray to the oracle at Delphi? What can only be termed "magical thinking" permits Oedipus to connect the murder of Laius, former ruler of Thebes, with the state of the kingdom at the outset of the play.

On what religious or moral premise must such a Reflective statement oedipus be based? As readers or playgoers, we would not question the sincerity of Oedipus's extended speech if we didn't already suspect that someone other than a cold-blooded murderer is responsible for the death of Laius and the state of Thebes.

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What makes us think there is some other reason for these events even if we already know that Oedipus himself performed the crime?

Why does Tiresius initially refrain from divulging the truth to Oedipus and assembled others? What is Oedipus's response to Tiresius's refusal, and then later, to his accusations?

Tiresius replies that he is beholden to no one but Apollo--the "higher authority" that the Greeks thought was God.

Oedipus rex summary pdf Custom Reflection upon Oedipus Rex essay paper writing service Buy Reflection upon Oedipus Rex essay paper online While depicting the greatness of human being, richness of his intellectual and moral forces, at the same time Sophocles draws his powerlessness, limitation of human possibilities.
The king oedipus analysis essay Table of Contents Oedipus Oedipus is a man of swift action and great insight. When the citizens of Thebes beg him to do something about the plague, for example, Oedipus is one step ahead of them—he has already sent Creon to the oracle at Delphi for advice.
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This allows him to speak the painful truth to Oedipus. What caused Tiresius to change his mind and speak the truth, do you think?

Now that you have seen Oedipus react directly to adversity, is your opinion of him different? Would you characterize Oedipus as evil, or merely human, in his angry reaction to Tiresius's speeches?

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With whom does the "I" of the Chorus identify as it vows to keep an open mind about Oedipus until there is "certain proof" of his guilt? Creon tells Oedipus that he has "lost his sense of balance" and is "sullen in yielding and brutal in rage".


Is Oedipus's anger measured, or does it seem paranoid, to you? What effect does the Chorus's repeated vows of faith for his "good helmsmanship" have on your perceptions of Oedipus?

Would you feel the same way if there were no Chorus speeches?The reflective statement is a short piece of writing of between and words. It can be completed outside class time, and there is a lot of scope for personal expression in this piece of work.

Reflective Statement directions. Comments (-1) Literature in Translation proposal assignment Comments (-1) Reader Response Journals.

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Reader Response Journal Assignment. Comments (-1) Oedipus the King (abbreviated) Comments (-1) Antigone Sophocles. Comments (-1) Another (Sophocles) Antigone. Use pre-reading and post-reading activities to get students making "big picture" connections with this Oedipus at Colonus anticipation guide and reflective writing.

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1. Writers Bio Dương Thu Hương (born ) is a Vietnamese author and political dissident.

Reflective statement oedipus

Formerly a member of Vietnam's Communist party, she was expelled from the party in , and has been denied the right to travel abroad, and was temporarily imprisoned for her writings and outspoken criticism of corruption in the Vietnamese government. Dramatic irony is a stylistic literary analysis tool used in movies, theaters, plays, and sometimes in poetry elements, where the audience are more aware of the situations, conflicts, and resolutions that happened and are about to occur compared to the characters involved.

This helps add suspense and humor to every plot.

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