Race track business plan

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Race track business plan

This is the stuff of legend to me.

Welcome to The Worlds Fastest Half Mile!

Well actually it is — sort of. This thing is awesome. I first saw this video in around when it was doing the rounds on social media. I can remember thinking that it was a vehicle I needed to track down.

race track business plan

Maybe you saw it too? I know a lot of it comes down to the driver, but seriously, when was the last time you ever saw a VW bus overtake a GT3 and an Aston at Spa?

Or any race track for that matter? Having raced bikes at a high level for 20 years, Fred knows his way around the racetracks of Europe.

Race Track Race Track - Business Plan #

So as much as you can look at a spec list or a pile of parts, what I really wanted to know is how Race-Taxi came about. The lineage between this and the bus — albeit tenuous — is kind of cool too.

Of course, the original plan was far simpler than the result you see here: The other appealing thing was that a number of conversion parts existed to swap a flat-six motor in to a T3, trouble is Fred decided the shape was too big and bulky for him.

So when a rusty split-screen body became available, the plan shifted direction. A simple three-litre motor would be found and slotted in for some cheap fun. The way Fred has packaged it all is stunning: You can see the extra width here.

Given the amount of curves in the bus shape, Fred has done an incredible job of keeping it all in proportion. Aside from the extra girth, there are plenty of clues as to what is going on underneath if you look carefully.

At the back you can see where the panel work has been modified so that the wheels can be removed with ease due to the original restrictive VW arch design not being practical for 18x10s.

The original side vents are still in use and Fred has boxed them internally to add ventilation to the engine bay.

There was no way they were ever going to be sufficient for the kind of air needed to cool and feed a bi-turbo motor though. The major headache with widening the bus was the roof needed to cover it, which meant that one huge, seemingly endless, piece of curved craftsmanship was needed.

Fred says that the roof took months of work alone. Which of course it now is. There are so many parts of this build which twist my mind; the dedication and vision needed to work it all out and then actually make it work is amazing.

From the inside you get a better idea of just how large they are.

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