Ppt business plan for restaurant in india

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Ppt business plan for restaurant in india

Restaurant business is one of the safest, provided you have a full-proof business plan in place. Every business must have a Mission Statement.

Creating a Mission Statement would be the fist step of a successful restaurant business plan. Here are the steps, but remember all these steps are interlinked with each other.

You need to permute and combine all these factors to make a full-proof market analysis. Here you need to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of your endeavor, and analyze the potential opportunities and associated treats as well.

This is another metrics to decide if your restaurant would fit in a specific situation. Political, Economic, Social and Technological. Here comes the most important question. Where would you open your restaurant?

Location can make or break any business. Make sure you shortlist a few locations, so that there is enough room for pick and choose. Analyze the pros and cons for each place and take an informed decision. Who are you targeting? Who are your customers? This is the pillar of a successful marketing plan.

You need to analyze every details of your target group such as age, income group, spending pattern, profession, inclination towards a specific cuisine etc.

As mentioned in the above point, your target audience may just prefer one cuisine to others. The data can be found if you analyze some popular eateries in the vicinity.

Your job is to find out why this is the case. Have they ever tried other cuisines? If yes, what have they tried? And why have they not liked it. If no, what are the cuisines that they would love to taste? Who are your competitors? How well are they doing? Are they located in the same neighborhood?

What are their specialties? What are their average meal cost? Do they cater to the same demographics?

ppt business plan for restaurant in india

What are your chances to overshadow them in the competition? Analyze all these well. This stage will help you understand and visualize how your restaurant will look and feel like. What its USPs would be. How the experience of your customers would be. First select the menu. Now you need to decide which dishes you will include in the menu.

Asian cuisine is a vast one and consists on many country-specific cuisines. If you want to concentrate on one, such as Chinese or Thai these are more populargo for the most popular one among your TG.

And if you want variety in your menu, you can go for various countries. Once you decide the menu, you need to determine the pattern of services.

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Executive Summary • Costs included in this Plan are on the Basis of Industry Trends. • This Business Plan is Derived from a secondary detailed Market Analysis. Modern Business Report and Plan by Lee_Author.

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With complete sample plans, easy financials, and access anywhere, LivePlan turns your great idea into a great plan for success. The Restaurant Industry Today The food service business is the third largest industry in the country.

It accounts for over $ billion annually in sales. The independent .

Business Arrange for Restaurant in India