My amazing trip to sarajevo

Quite the contrary actually.

My amazing trip to sarajevo

This has remained largely the same since its use in the 15th century, and has an incredible old world feel. This would be the best place in town to get your traditional Bosnian coffee set, or other hand made goods for the home. They can cost anywhere from 40 marks to 70 marks depending on size, and how many in the set.

It is also known as the pigeon square by tourists as it is always surrounded by them, and for a small coin donation you can feed them. It suffered a large amount of damage, but with foreign help, reconstruction started right after the war ended in to bring it back to its former glory.


Visit the Vjecnica The Vjecnica was constructed in and was built to house the cities local officials, and administrative staff. The City Hall was turned into a National library towards the end of WW2, and remains the biggest and the most representative building from the Austro-Hungarian period in Sarajevo.

The city officials faced a dilemma however,as the original occupant of the site did not want them to destroy his house and take away his land. The majority of the books could not be saved from the flames, at least one person died while trying to save these previous books.

My amazing trip to sarajevo

Using the original drafts for reconstruction, each wall painting was carved and hand painted to the exact design and colour as the original. Bezistans were built in Ottoman Empire and their design is based on the design of the mosques.

Unlike other inns, accommodation here was free and it could hold up to 90 guests. The purpose of hans was to provide accommodation for merchants and their horses, during their time trading goods in Sarajevo.

It is believed the Inn was destroyed by fire inand fell into obscurity until its foundations were rediscovered over a century later; while construction was being started for upgrades on the adjoining hotel Europe.

These events years ago, would set into motion a war that resulted in an estimated 16 million deaths worldwide. You can either climb up the hill, passing the cemetery young victims of the waror get a taxi to drive you up.

During the month of Ramadan, this area is packed with locals waiting for the cannon to go off which marks the end of fasting for that day, followed by some fireworks.

If you cant make it for sunset, during the day is just as amazing,as if offers unrivalled views of the whole city. Check out my post about Sunset At Zuta Tabija 7.

On average i sat in coffee shops per day. Tucked away in a small street just before the Gazi Mosque is a gorgeous cafe called Miris Dunja. And when its at such affordable prices, sometimes you could spot me there twice a day! A variety of flavours to choose from including Walnut baklava, Almond Baklava even Nutella baklava, and starting from only 1 KM per piece, it is perfect with a traditional Bosnian coffee.

You can even get them in a takeaway box, to enjoy at home with family and friends…or alone! See the whole city from the Avaz tower Want to see the whole city from the highest building in Bosnia? Visit the Avaz tower!Top 10 things to do in Sarajevo. Enjoy your trip Emina, i plan on taking my little man this year as well xx.

Reply. Giorgio says. March 24, at PM just gotta keep pushing it out of them! Yes, the view is amazing from above, and its then you realise how BIG the city really is! Reply. Meg says. February 5, at PM.

Take a stroll through Sarajevos old town Baščaršija

That’s on the top of my Sarajevo bucket list for the next visit! Wandering aimlessly up and down around random streets. Going for a day trip to Mostar.

Sarajevo is amazing and you can spend days there but the city also makes a good base for some day trips around. Herzegovina, Mostar, and Blagaj Tekke Tour from Sarajevo. Tour starts in Sarajevo, but can be arranged from elsewhere, if requested.

First stop of the day is a short visit to the old part of Konjic town. Without question, a Bosnia Road Trip has 2 can't miss places. There are the vibrant, historic capital city of Sarajevo and the gorgeous old bridge in Mostar.

As we pulled into Sarajevo, we were greeted by this amazing sunset. I remembered from my first visit to Sarajevo, how powerful I found it to be. You can still see bullet and shell.

My amazing trip to sarajevo

My amazing trip to sarajevo The first bosnians in america A-Br This is also a sign from Soviet times on one of the buildings in Chernobyl There is life now in Chernobyl. destination reviews Home Blog. Sarajevo is amazing, and when you travel outside the city the dramatic landscape is stunning!

I have a few more Bosnia posts in the works which will highlight a .

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