Leopard print tissue paper

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Leopard print tissue paper

Everyone needs to know how to decoupage. Boys, girls, young, old…everyone.

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That said, you can imagine how disturbing it is to run into and adult who is unfamiliar with this art. Or worse, someone who knows how to decoupage but avoids it for fear of mess, frustration, or unpleasant results.

With that in mind, I thought I would write a post of tips and no-fail tricks that yield great results every time.

If you are already a decoupage fan you might as well skip this, but if you find the process difficult or intimidating or not-worth-the mess, read on! You can use most any diluted water-based glue, but favorite is Mod Podge Super Gloss. The finish is uber glossy and if you use a wet brush, it dries brush-stroke free.

Stroke marks make the difference between something looking like a handmade treasure and a homemade craft project.


A smooth finish is key. Any sort of paper will work, obviously, but thin paper is good paper, and porous paper is best. Most thin paper is coated think pages of a magazine but origami paper is typically left raw to allow for easy folding.

Thicker paper tends to sit on top of surfaces, whereas origami paper blends into it like a new skin. Like a new and sparkly kabuki show skin.

Find something with especially sturdy bristles. Something from the hardware store or that was made for toddlers to stomp around.

You need something that can shift big gloopy adhesive around with as little brush strokes as possible see under adhesive: Use a wet brush to swipe a thin layer over the surface of the object.

Crinkle the paper in your hand. Crinkling is important because it will create cracks in the paper for the glue to sink into, and that will ward off lumps or air bubbles. Use your fingers to smooth the paper to the surface, not the brush.

Leopard print tissue paper

Your fingers will do a much better job of smoothing it out. Also, pay attention to edges. Again, this is one of those little steps that make a big difference! After it dries, get out your wet brush again and wipe on another layer of adhesive in my case, Mod Podge.animal print paper.

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Delicate hearts of leopard print tissue paper.

Paw print and plain tissue paper - Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Use as a table decoration to complete the party setting or use inside gift bags or even as confetti! The hearts are cut in two sizes and measure 25mm and 75mm across(max). Each pack contains approx. hearts in total - approximate equal quantities of each size.

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Decide what tissue paper you would like to use and paint the craft stick fish to match the colors on the tissue paper. 3. Place the painted fish on a piece of paper tracing around the inside of the fish.

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