Girl meets brass soca

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Girl meets brass soca

Listen now on Apple Music. Every other song is just playing catch up. When you decide not to enter the Road March competition, and the people take to social media to protest until you have no choice, you know you have a hit. How much more Trini can you get? The track produced by System32 has a vibe and ease that makes you feel freer than beach breeze —something we all crave during this season.

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We can wait to jam and jam! The track all about spreading love and appreciating the people that are special to us, is like a calming soca lullaby you never want to stop singing.

With the current events happening in the world, Closer stands as a good reminder of what is really important in life without being too serious. Written by Garcia and produced by Drew Thoven, this sweet tune is a great departure from the multitudes of upbeat songs synonymous with Carnival.

The message, melody, and vocals in this song all come together to create a perfect synergy of positive vibes that is bound to lift your mood. We know it is only going to get better and better for Voice from here on out. Put it on a hot groovy soca beat, and you have a Carnival standard.

A Barbados-style bashment soca beat, Get On also boasts strong performances from Mr.DJ MAGA & Presents Soca Feteish Vol 2.

I am obliged to confess my Soca FETEish. Putting the F in FETEish, this mix is your gateway to Trinidad and Tobago carnival The phenomenal success of Ultimate Rejects, an EDM-meets-soca DJ-performance-production collective that exemplifies the transformative career effects of a Trinidad carnival hit.

Lyrics for Gyal Meets Brass F Jam (Start It) [feat. TRON, Brass] by Salty, Tron & Brass. yuh what the stupidness to start Leh we go yuh wa speed ×2 eh look at you look at you with. Radio personality Salty, star of last year’s runaway hit “Gyal Meets Brass,” connects with newcomer Travis World on “Free Up Yourself,” an uptempo groovy soca track with a futuristic bounce.

This was one of the first songs that came out for this year’s soca season, and one of the most unique. Epic Soundtrack.

Girl meets brass soca

24 May ; 34 songs; Follow. Songs and music featured in Epic: Sort. Order. Name. Artist. Leafmen. Girl Meets Boy Play on Apple Music - Girl Meets Boy Download on iTunes Magnificent Seventh's Brass Band.

Add scene description. Download on Amazon. DJ JEL PRESENTS | SOCA TAKE OVER, TUNES TO KNOW BEFORE YOU LAND. Posted by JEL Roberts on January 26, at PM LISTEN & DOWNLOAD NOW Angela Hunte - Mon Bon Ami.

Girl meets brass soca

Tron & Brass - Girl Meets Brass - F Jam (Start It) Salty feat. Fay Ann Lyons- Gyal Meets Brass (Wassy Remix) Sekon Sta - Drink Anthem. Sekon Sta - Night Shift.

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