Cypw level 2 shc 21

At Early Years CPD we will be launching our programme of study for this award from September but in the meantime we would like to bring you up to speed, about what's different about this qualification, how it is structured and how it can be achieved. Well - what's different about the Diploma is that it brings together 3 specialist pathways. The benefits of bringing together the 3 specialist pathways in one qualification means that the learner gets an idea of what it is like to be a professional in the wider children and young people's workforce. They will become familiar with the professional terms used in different areas of the workforce and hopefully work towards shared professional standards and principals.

Cypw level 2 shc 21

It is part of my job role to be able to communicate with a range of groups and individuals. I regularly change the use of my language on a variant of levels dependant on the target audience.

Cypw level 2 shc 21

I deal daily with young people and infants who respond effectively to language relevant to them, normally within a relatively informal setting. These types of communication can vary for instance Makaton or Pecks.

I have to ensure that the directness I am responsible for information sharing across a wide range of professionals, Families and parents, including Social Services, Health Workers and Education and so my approach needs to be that of a more professional nature when dealing with them.

Not only do I have to communicate with all of the above verbally but via email, telephone and postal correspondence. It is even equally important that I am able to do so clearly and effectively in this instance.

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My good grades in GCSE English and then my further education to degree level have helped in my progression and development in this area. It is important I train and develop staff knowledge and understanding on how to change and develop their use of language and other communication techniques in order to break down any barriers they may face, particularly when dealing with their service users.

I ensure staff and myself understand how to be assertive, sensitive and able to respond appropriately to different behaviour, and adapt their communication to different service users. Often the different categories of care will have specific employees for each therefor we will have staff trained solely on service users with dementia they will be trained on how to communicate with this group of people whilst caring for them and there will be other staff members trained in Makaton for when they are caring for children who have this need.

Through my experiences and qualifications I am very aware of how crucial communication is, I will ensure that I have great communication with my staff I will be firm but fair and strict when I need to be to ensure that each of my service users will be looked after and receive the high quality of care I portray but I also need to be open and welcoming so I can be a support structure for staff and be dependable in this difficult sector.

I will make sure that each of our employees is trained in communication, I will do this by sending my trainer on communication courses she will then be able to teach this to our employees in their annual training.

For Specific needs such as Makaton or behaviour, training will be out sourced and adapted to meet service user needs and their key carer will be the one with responsibility to meet their needs and be put on these courses.

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For me to be able to support others to become good communicators, it is necessary that I will be an effective role modelHome; CYPW Level 3 Mandatory Units (SHC 31/Unit 8) Promote Communication in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings HSC Diploma Help - Level 3 Mandatory Units.

The aim of this essay is to explore and outline the role of the social worker.

Cypw level 2 shc 21

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