Cross cultural psychology essay

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Cross cultural psychology essay

Cross cultural psychology essay

Culture can shape individuals or influence how they live. Culture can aid in defining individuals, separating one from other. Cultural psychology attempts to connect cultural conditions with psychological theories.

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Cross-cultural psychology, considered a new concept in the discipline of psychology, recognizes relevant factors amid various cultures. It does not focus on one culture while attempting to explain behaviors or actions of society, instead it addresses several cultures.

Cross-cultural psychology attempts to explain and describe similarities and differences in human behavior psychologically with reference to sociocultural and ecological factors Flowers, n.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. As there are many cultures throughout the world and each one is unique in their ways of living and understanding, it is important to conduct research to learn and understand these various cultures.

Culture is not the same as society, race, or ethnicity, however; these elements contribute to individualism. The various approaches used in cross-cultural psychology to help individuals understand how human behavior differs are cultural mixture, ecocultural, evolutionary, the integrative approach and sociological.

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Cross-cultural psychology also adds to both applied and general psychology, involving cultural influences. To decrease negative effects of cultural differences, six kinds of cultural training have been identified.

Cross cultural psychology essay

The first is fact-oriented training used to gather information. The third is cultural awareness. The fourth is cognitive-behavior modification. The fifth is experiential learning giving individuals positive interaction with local residents, and finally there is the interaction approach.

The Relationship between Cultural and Cross-Cultural Psychology Cultural psychology is a discipline overlapping other disciplines, including anthropology and philosophy.

Cultural psychology knows human drive cannot be explained by factors such as genetic predisposition.

Instead, cultural psychology believes that culture should be united when trying to explain behavior. Meanwhile, cross-cultural psychology, regardless of its compatibility with other fields, compares different cultures contrasting the differences and similarities with their effect on humanity. Both fields of study have a culture in common, but deviate from each other in that cultural psychology is mostly concerned with understanding the relationship individuals have within their own culture.

Critical thinking can be beneficial enabling individuals to traverse life effectively. However, critical thinking is not innate, but rather an ability needing to be learned and honed. The ability to organize thoughts intentionally and accurately, communicating concisely, and solving complex puzzles each use critical thinking.

Thinking critically entails asking the correct questions to help solve problems. Individuals who practice applying critical thinking can better develop this skill or expand on previously learned information.

Language is vital to critical thinking because correct translation is significant for individuals to understand someone else in the way she wants to be understood. However, translating one to another does not mean one will be understood completely. Individuals must realize language can be employed in various ways; to inspire or to traumatize.

Possessing the ability to choose right from wrong, recognizing reliability and validity in research, abandoning emotions, and overlooking prejudices each requires critical thinking. Furthermore, critical thinking becomes necessary when similarities are made between different groups or cultures.Cross cultural topics in psychology – Second edition) “Cross-cultural psychology is the empirical study of members of various culture groups who have had different experience that lead to predictable and significant differences in behavior.

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Cross-Cultural Psychology Stephanie Sorrell Psychology February 24, Dr. Jenne Meyer Cross-Cultural Psychology Introduction Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior. There are many different branches and fields of psychology.

Cross-cultural psychology has examined the effects of daily life exposure to the perception levels of an individual. For instance, one study in this subfield examined the effects of shapes that a child grows seeing and his level of perception.

Introduction to Cross-cultural Psychology What is culture? Culture is a particular society at a particular time and the knowledge and values shared by that society and psychology is the science of mental life.

Introduction to Cross-Cultural Psychology Essay Sample

Therefore, it goes without saying that cultural psychology is the science of mental life in a particular society at a particular time. In most of these studies the groups speak different languages ​​and belong to different political systems; 3) the aim of cross-cultural psychology, above all, is a comparative study of how culture and psyche are complementary; 4) cross-cultural psychology is the study of culture in the spiritual life of the people.

Introduction to Cross-cultural Psychology What is culture? Culture is a particular society at a particular time and the knowledge and values shared by that society and psychology is the science of mental life.

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