Corruption india s enemy no 1

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Corruption india s enemy no 1

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Bribery And Corruption — Enemy of the Nation? Sri Lanka Guardian FeatureSocialSri Lanka Obviously corruption and bribery cannot be completely eradicated and the attempts should be made to minimize it as far as possible.

If the system is not effective short and long effective genuine methods are to be adopted and implemented to curb it.

Few months after coming into power over a trillion was robbed to run over 30 years and now there are mega scams lined up from military ship deal, fertilizer scam, vacant building taken for the Agriculture Ministry onwards in the public domain are only a few when compared to many more deals by the Parliamentary Mafia on sale of permits and shady deals to be exposed by activists in the near future.

Everybody has skeletons in cupboards thereby it is unlikely there will be an outcome from the toothless commissions. Citizen is confused whether billions spent on helicopters and cars for the President and Prime Minster and billions allocated to Parliament Mafia for cars and the illegal trade on car permits given to individual MP s for personal use.

Case filed by the legal activist on the permit robbery is on the hold and the Judiciary is given perks increased salaries holidays and many more facilities as indirect remunerations expecting something in return in the future.

West is silent as remuneration for ousting their enemy MR who was considered a difficult man to control.

Corruption india s enemy no 1

In the process the independence of the judiciary which is connected to the enforcement of Bribery and Corruption is in doubt as the success of eradication is connected to legal process. Laws delays are not a new scenario in the legal field which is a continuous problem ever all the time when Wijayadasa Rajapaksa became a casualty for not brining the members of the previous regime to books soon.

MR is a pleasant but firm personality credited for liberating the country from the clutches of terror tortured the country for 30 years was unfortunately surrounded by cronies and yes men at the second phase of the regime with less or no control on bribery and corruption rampant then but a lesser extent- not billions- may be in millions, thereby he is finding it difficult to defend some of his lieutenants submerged in bribery and corruption.

Our exercise is to get rid of the culture of bribery and corruption we are used and immersed in day to day life and those in governance engage in this illegal though lucrative illegal practices unharmed and unpunished.

Bribery is omnipresent with a long history starting from the time immoral spreading fast viral all levels of the community like wild fire.

Corruption india s enemy no 1

It is cancerous rampant and exist all over as air and breath with no borders and barriers. Efforts made by the state, religious leaders, and social workers to arrest or complete eradication of this menace has miserably failed due to excessive greed of the human being.

Oxford defines it as fraudulent conduct by those in power typically involving bribery and the act or effect of making someone or something morally deprived. Corruption evades trust in governments, business and markets Sometimes it is considered customary and accepted.

Bribery is giving or receiving something and influencing a transection. Corruption involves more than two or more persons involved enter into a secret agreement to pay an inducement to an official of official for securing for a favour of some deception in return.

In the west bribe id indirectly legitimized by way of commissions to companies which in the process trickles down to the line down to the dishonest members of the community. Bribery is an offence punishable under the Penal Code as far back as In act no 19 was created to combat briary and corruption.

The preamble of the bribery act states that it is an establishment to investigate allegations of bribery or corruption and direct institutions for precautions for offences under the bribery act and the declaration of asserts and liabilities law no 1 of and the matters connected or incidental.

Chapter 36 provides the definition as an act to provide for the prevention and punishment of Bribery and to make consequential provisions relating to the operation of other written law.

Commission to investigate Allegations of Bribery or corruption will be appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Constitutional Council by Article 41 out of the nominees submitted by the Constitutional Council.

Account Options Background[ edit ] The Center for American Progress has attributed corruption in Afghanistan to decades of conflict that have prevented the formation of effective state institutions and civil society groups, to laws and regulations that are poorly enforced, to anti-corruption agencies that often contradict one another and lack resources, and to the fact that soldiers and police are often illiterate and public employees often underpaid and undertrained. Decades of constant warfare, moreover, allow public officials to fill their private accounts with government funds.
CORRUPTION IN INDIA IN POST independence India, we have seen a lot of corruption taking place in all spheres of life and no one has been spared from allegations.
Top Conspiracy Theories About India's Demonetisation Mess | Cabal Times Corruption in IndiaList of alleged scams in Indiaand Indian political scandals Issues regarding corruption in India have become increasingly prominent in recent years.
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Commission is given enormous powers to combat Bribery and Corruption in the entire country with a strong support of professional and technically qualified staff with branches. It is in the mandate of the commission to educate the citizen on their rights and duties jointly combating this menace which has drastic effects on the life if the citizen and the economy of the country.

Citizens had high hopes on the learned, and pleasant new Briber Commissioner who has still not appear to have started his job in sweeping the dirt. Is it incompetency or lack of interest of the governance on eradication process is in the minds of the citizen sandwiched between the state corrupt officials and incompetence of the governance.

Unfortunately this is the order of the day in Sri Lanka with no plans for short or permanent solutions. Small sprats are caught by the ineffective network of bribery net which is hardly sufficient to control the fast growing cancer at a rapid speed.Also Visit:,html. This volume deals with the most perplexing and debilitating problem of our nation corruption and attempts to explain why our country is gripped in its vicious stranglehold. The book attempts to assess the extent of damage caused already and warns of dangers in the future if this evil is not checked.

There’s no question of the nation of Pakistan being our enemy. It is some politicians on both sides, The Pakistani Army and certain ‘jihadi’ elements that are the enemies of . India's Own Worst Enemy India is its own worst enemy.

The world’s largest democracy is not only a nuclear power but also one of its fastest growing economies, one that is supported by a massive labor pool flush with tech-savvy and English-speaking workers.

Introduction Corruption in India is perhaps the greatest enemy India is facing. According to a research India has been drained of nearly $ billion between and , which is nearly 40% of India’s gross domestic production. So as India is a dwarf in front of China in economy (consider our trade deficit) so number one enemy is (1.)China Pakistan is hurting by cross border terrorism even though terrorism is at a low phase now so Pakistan is number (2.) enemy.

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