A discussion of members of congress earn more money of less

Members Shift Taxes to Someone Else It may seem impossible to shift taxes to someone else, but it is a long established tax planning technique of the wealthy. Income is moved away from family members in a higher tax bracket to family members in a lower tax bracket.

A discussion of members of congress earn more money of less

Getty Images Senator Bernie Sanders We have recently witnessed the introduction of a growing number of diverse plans for free public college.

A major concern is that some of the new programs do not appear to have a sustainable funding source, and many do not look closely at the relation between state support for financial aid and state support for campus funding.

Moreover, if we enter another recession, and state revenues fall again, free college programs will be in significant jeopardy. Another problem is that most of the proposed and enacted plans focus on making tuition free and do not take into account the total cost of attendance.

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The issue with this approach is that nontuition expenses -- room, meals, books, transportation and the like -- often make up the majority of the cost and are a leading reason for student debt.

The best plans, then, should pay for the total cost of attendance and seek to focus on the students who need the most help.

Unfortunately, however, most politicians and pundits only talk about tuition costs, and that creates a distorted view for the public. Many plans also rely on an increase in state support for financial aid, but this approach could function to crowd out the already decreased state support for general funding -- or the money that goes to pay for the salaries of faculty and staff members and other vital infrastructure costs.

And if more students are induced to attend, but institutions have less money to pay faculty members, what will happen to the quality of instruction? It is important to ask such funding questions now. In the past, whenever states suffered from a lack of tax revenue, they have reduced their appropriations for higher education because they know the institutions can make up the difference by increasing tuition.

A discussion of members of congress earn more money of less

In this system, state budget cuts to support higher education are partially made up for by increases in financial aid. But during a financial downturn, pressure is placed on all support for higher education, since many other government programs are mandated by law or popular initiative, and states cannot run a deficit or print more money.

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Although many local and state free college programs have not identified a new revenue stream to support their programs, they will have to consider developing other revenue sources or passing new taxes to remain sustainable.

Moreover, these free college plans must not only have enough financial support but also act to contain and control rising costs. While many people think that the solution to this problem is to reduce the number of faculty members or to move instruction online, colleges and universities have already decreased instructional costs by turning to large lecture classes and non-tenure-track faculty.

Further, as I stated above, much of the reason for student debt involves nontuition costs, and so policy makers, institutions and concerned citizens have to take a serious look at the rising amount of money spent on housing, dining, parking, health care and amenities.

As I argued in my book Why Public Higher Education Should be Free, we not only have to control noneducational costs, but we also have to focus on improving the quality of instruction and basic research. So far, most of the free college plans have focused on financial aid and mentoring, but they have not been centered on a more holistic approach to controlling costs and improving instructional quality.

Sanders also proposed making sure that more money ends up in the classroom. Expanding academic course offerings to students.

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Increasing the number and percentage of full-time instructional faculty. Providing all faculty with professional supports to help students succeed, such as professional development opportunities, office space and shared governance in the institution.

Compensating part-time faculty for work done outside of the classroom relating to instruction, such as holding office hours. Strengthening and ensuring all students have access to student support services such as academic advising, counseling and tutoring. Any other additional activities that improve instructional quality and academic outcomes for students as approved by the secretary through a peer-review process.

Rather, he sought to guarantee that not only would students be able to afford higher education but their education would also not be cheapened or short-changed.

It is commendable that so many states and local institutions are trying to make higher education more accessible. But we do not simply want more students to attend: Since it does not look like the federal government will be much help here, state policy makers will have to come up with comprehensive plans that raise new sustainable revenues as they motivate institutions to spend money on the right things.He said people work harder for less money, can't save for retirement due to high prices, and credit cards are “maxed out.” is at least as good as what members of Congress receive and would.

Oct 25,  · Trust me, the discussion is over. These labels are less about adding insight to the debate, and more about getting people to forward the emotion with someone else.

The downside of this argument is that the bonds held by Social Security tend to earn more than a Brenton Smith, Independent Voter Network, Congress, government.

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For EARN members: Click here to access previous years he worked as a policy advisor for three members of Congress and as an economic development consultant to universities and local governments. in as director of the Economic Analysis and Research Network (EARN), a national network of more than 60 state-level policy research and.

Very unattractive people earn significantly more money, according to a new study Findings show people who are more conscientious, extroverted and less neurotic are paid more than others Lindsay. ATR Joins Coalition Calling on Congress to Repeal CFPB Arbitration Rule.

Share on Facebook. Tweet this Story. Pin this Image This is a prime opportunity for members of Congress to uphold their oaths to support and defend the Constitution by safeguarding the nation from costly new CFPB regulations.

More from Americans for Tax Reform. For this extra income, there are a few exceptions, namely, the congressional member can't earn money from fiduciary relationships (managing money or assets of others), which could sway votes or.

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